Development of Clinical Toxicology

The following is the milestones of the development of Clinical Toxicology (CT) in Emergency Medicine in Hong Kong.

Year Development
1997: First emergency physician (EP) went to overseas poison center for clinical toxicology training. More EPs went to different overseas poison centres for training in the few years afterwards.
2000: Regular toxicology training started in the Accident & Emergency Department  (AED) of United Christion Hospital (UCH).
2001: The regular toxicology training in UCH became a formal approved educational function of the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine (HKCEM) in March 2001.
2002: The 2 days clinical toxicology course (later renamed as basic clinical toxicology course) was first imported from New York City Poison Control Center (NYCPCC) in 2002. The course was co-organized by NYCPCC and HKCEM every 1-2 years afterwards and subsequently organized by the HKCEM since 2010. By the end of 2016, a total of 10 courses were run and more than 1,000 medical professionals had attended the course.
2005: The establishment of the Hong Kong Poison Information Centre (HKPIC), which is staffed by EP who provides telephone consultation on poison information and toxicology management advice to health care professionals in Hong Kong. The centre also provides inpatient & outpatient toxicology service in United Christian Hospital where it is located. The HKPIC collaborates with the Toxicoivigilance Section in the Department of Health in poisoning surveillance in Hong Kong. Currently it acts as a portal of reporting of all poisoning cases from Accident and Emergency Departments under the Hospital Authority.  training and poisoning prevention.
2005: The certificate program in clinical toxicology was first organized by HKCEM. It was then conducted yearly afterwards. By the end of 2016, more than 200 doctors and other health care professionals had completed the program.
2005-2012: Formation of toxicology team in other AEDs
2007: The diploma program in clinical toxicology was first organized by HKCEM and HKPIC in 2007. Thirty eight doctors successfully completed the program by the end of 2016
2011: The diploma (Diploma in Clinical Toxicology [Dip Clin Tox (HKCEM & HKPIC)]) became quotable qualifications under the Hong Kong Medical Council.
2011 First overseas doctor attended the perceptorship toxicology training in HKPIC. By the end of 2016, 12 doctors (including EP from South Korea, Malaysia and mainland China) completed the training.
2012 HKCEM hosted the 11th Scientific Congress of Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT) in Hong Kong. Over 350 overseas and local EP and clinical toxicologist attended the Conference.
2013 Poisoning Resuscitation & Training Charity Fund for Greater China (大中華中毒救治培訓慈善基金) was set up by HKCEM. It is a charitable fund to support young doctors from Greater China to undergo clinical toxicology training in Hong Kong.
  • Formation of the provisional board of clinical toxicology in the HKCEM.
  • Emergency Medicine (cum Clinical Toxicology) ward was established in QMH
2016 Clinical Toxicology Subspecialty was established.
2016 Formation of the Board of Clinical Toxicology (BCT)