Board of Clinical Toxicology (BCT)

The Board of Clinical Toxicology (BCT) [臨床毒理專科委員] was established in March 2020.

Board of Clinical Toxicology
Chairman Dr. LAU Fei Lung 劉 飛 龍 醫生
Honorary Secretary Dr CHAN Yiu Cheung 陳 耀 祥 醫生
Members Dr CHAN Chi Keung 陳 志 強 醫生
Dr CHAN Ho Yin 陳 浩 然 醫生
Dr FUNG Hin Tat 馮 顯 達 醫生
Dr LEUNG Kai Shing, Joe 梁 啓 城 醫生
Dr LIT Chau Hung, Albert 列 就 雄 醫生
Dr NG Hon Wah 吳 漢 華 醫生
Dr TSE Man Li 謝 萬 里 醫生
Dr TSUI Sik Hon 徐 錫 漢 醫生
Dr WONG Chi Keung, Gordon 黃 志 強 醫生
Dr YIP Wai Lam 葉 偉 林 醫生

Term of Reference (TOR)

  • To provide and oversee the subspecialty training of Clinical Toxicology (CT)
  • To provide training of CT for HKCEM fellows/trainee
  • To promote training of CT for health care worker
  • To organize the CT subspecialty examination
  • To accredit Poison Centre (PC) and Emergency Medicine Toxicology Training Centre (EMTTC)
  • To advise the HKCEM Council on the development of CT
  • To act as a body for the purpose of consultation in matters of educational or public interest concerning CT